My Goal

The most important thing at Health & Hope is improving the quality of the lives of the people who walk through the door; I'm happiest when someone walks out feeling better than they did when they walked in. Whether that is managing pain, helping you relax, or assisting you in making you more confident about how you look, I want to help.


Neuromuscular Therapist

I became a neuromuscular therapist after decades of coming to terms with touch often equaling pain, wanting to help other people in similar situations find relief from both temporary and chronic conditions.

The first massage I ever received was from a friend who, when I kept insisting they were using too much pressure, proceeded to call me "a baby" and ended it there. In the years since then, I have learned that I am simply more sensitive to touch, having been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition when I finally realized not everyone lived their lives in constant pain. Learning to touch others with compassion, care, and knowledge has given focus to my wish to help other people with their own pain, stress, and discomfort.

Various forms of community service and giving back has been a constant in my life since I was a child, and I am glad to have another avenue to use to help others.

Let me help

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