What exactly do I do?

The main categories of services I provide fall under neuromuscular and massage therapies.

Helping a body feel better can vary from person to person, so I take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services to meet those individual needs.

We live in a society that discourages casual, platonic touch between friends and even sometimes family, resulting in many people who are becoming touch starved. What many of those people need most is a friendly, compassionate touch, and Health & Hope offers many ways to provide it.


Massage in a Post-COVID-19 Pandemic World

Now more than ever, people need massage to help them manage their stress, pain, and need for physical contact following a prolonged time of social distancing.

Please be advised that I do require the use of face masks at all times on both the part of the therapist and client, and as a further precaution gloves are worn by the massage therapist during all bodywork.

Let me help

You can use the online booking tool to make your appointments quickly and easily.