Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy focuses on combining health history, visual assessments, palpation of soft tissues, range of motion exercises, and testing of painful areas to assist in isolating the location of pain and where it is originating from. I have devoted hundreds of hours to studying and treating numerous muscular causes of pain and will work with you on developing a plan to help you get a better handle on your pain.


Massage Therapy

Clinical studies suggest that massage can aid in the reduction of pain from muscular causes, pain from osteoarthritis, assist in relieving the pain of cancer patients as well as boosting their mood and promoting relaxation, may diminish depression and anxiety, temporarily lessen fatigue and pain in those with fibromyalgia, and alleviate general stress.

I offer a wide range of massage services to suit your needs, including Swedish, deep tissue, clinical sports massage, pre- and post-event sports massages, and prenatal massage.


Spa Services

Spa services such as salt scrubs, body wraps, and aromatherapy can offer a range of benefits from the removal of dead skin cells and leaving behind smoother skin to allowing essential oils to help your body heal itself. Aiding the body in relaxation often results in aiding the mind to relax as well.

Many spa services are available as a 25 minute stand alone service, or as an add on during an existing 50 minute session.


Shiatsu and Thai Modalities

In addition to Western techniques, I am versed in multiple Eastern modalities. These services are offered on a cushioned mat on the ground.

About my services

At Health & Hope, the focus is on helping you to feel better in your body. In order to reach that goal, I believe that what you are paying for is my time. I have flat fees in place for every session, and will not try to upsell you. I believe that not worrying about how much "extra" a service will cost helps me to help you. And that is the goal.


Let me help

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