The global COVID-19 pandemic has required many changes to how we live our lives over the past months, and has given rise to some concerns regarding how to safely receive various forms of bodywork. I hope to provide some clarity here regarding questions you may have.

Are masks required?

Masks are required by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to be worn by both the practitioner and client at all times. If you fail to arrive with a mask, disposable triple-layer masks are available for purchase. No one will be allowed inside the building without a mask.

And yes - masks are required throughout the entire session.

Do you screen for possible carriers?

Yes, as much as possible. Clients are asked a series of questions to determine risk levels, as well as checked with a contactless thermometer at the front doors to make sure no fever is present. I rely on the truthfulness of my clients to maintain a safe and COVID-19-free space for everyone.

How do you keep your space clean and sanitized?

This is where having a suite in a Phenix Salon comes especially handy; each suite has their own air filtration, their own thermostat, and locking doors. This allows Health & Hope to maintain control of how clean surfaces are and how clean they stay, with a thorough cleaning of door handles, floors, massage tables, and linens before and after every client. I utilize wipes that contain bleach, Simple Green cleaner, a steam cleaner, and good old-fashioned soap and water to clean the various surfaces that come into contact within the space.